JAC 12th English Core Model Paper Solution Subjective 2023

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JAC 12th English Core Model Paper Solution Subjective 2023 : झारखंड बोर्ड ने कक्षा 12 वीं बोर्ड परीक्षा के लिए 3 सेट मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र जारी किया है आज कि इस आर्टिकल में हम मॉडल सेट के Subjective Question के Answer/Solution को देखेंगे।

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JAC 12th English Core Model Paper Solution Subjective 2023

JAC Board 12th English Core Model Paper 2023 : जैसा की आप सभी को पता है कि झारखंड बोर्ड ने फिर से कक्षा 12 वीं के लिए मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र जारी कर दिया गया है जिसमें सभी विषय के 3-3 मॉडल सेट जारी किए गए हैं तो आज हम इस आर्टिकल में यह देखेंगे कि कैसे आप फुल मॉडल पेपर के आंसर्स को कर सकते हो एवं उनका Subjective प्रश्नों के उत्तर को देखेंगे अगर आप सारे प्रश्नों को कर लेते हो तो आपको 90% मार्क्स ला सकते हो।

यह Model Paper कोडरमा के उपायुक्त ने JAC Board के विद्यार्थियों के लिए 3-3 सेट मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र को जारी किया है. विद्यार्थी इस मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र से तैयारी कर एवं जैक बोर्ड के द्वारा जो मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र जारी किया गया है दोनों मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र से तैयारी करने के बाद विद्यार्थियों का रिजल्ट काफी अच्छा होने की संभावना है एवं विद्यार्थियों को बता दें कि कोडरमा के उपायुक्त के द्वारा जो मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र को जारी करवाया गया है वह भी जैक बोर्ड के नए पैटर्न पर आधारित है. इसलिए विद्यार्थी जरूर इस मॉडल प्रश्न पत्र को हल करें.

JAC 12th English Core Model Paper Solution Subjective 2023 – Overview

Name of OrganisationJharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi
CategoryAnswer Key
ArticleJAC 12th English Core Model Paper Solution Subjective 2023
stream Science
Question Type Subjective
Exam NameJAC Inter Board Exam
Exam Date 12th16th March 2023
Subject English Core
Set SlutionsSet-
Official Websitehttps://jac.jharkhand.gov.in/jac/
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English Core Set 1 Solution 2023

Class – XII FM – 40
Sub – English Core Time – 1:30

General Instructions:

  • Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable.
  • All the answer must be correctly numbered as in the question paper.
  • All parts of a question must be written together.
  • Answer of the questions must be in the context of the instructions given therein.

Read the Passage Carefully and answer any five from questions 1 to 7 2×5=10
All human beings deserve equal right to a decent existence and proper development. Most Countries have laws protecting the rights of individuals belonging to any race, religions, sex, Colors or Caste and ensuring that they are not discriminated against on those grounds. Universal respect for human rights is one of the main objectives of the  United Nations. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted on 10th December, 1948 by the General Assembly. All the member states are expected to – Protect the human rights of their citizens. This Declaration has 30 articles, which include civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, for example, right to take part in the government right to work education and leisure, right to life, liberty and security of person, freedom of thoughts, religion, and peaceful assembly. The Constitutions of democratic Countries include most of these rights. Some civil and political rights have been guaranteed under our Constitutions fundamental Rights. The Directive principles of state policy also lists Some of the important social and economic rights.

Q1. What do all human beings deserve?
Ans. All human beings deserve equal right to a decent existence and proper development.
Q2. What can the laws of Country do for its people?
Ans. The laws of the country protect the individual rights and ensure that they are not discriminated against on various ground. i.e. race, sex, colors , etc.
Q3. With what purpose was the universal Declaration of Human Right adopted?
To protect human rights . The universal declaration of human rights was adopted.
Q4. What is the main objectives of the United Nations?
Ans:- Universal respect for human rights is one of the main objectives of the United Nations.

Q5. What are the right included in the Declaration?
Ans. There are many rights included in the Declaration. Some of them are Civil, political, EConomic, social and Cultural rights.
Q6. When was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted any by which body?
Ans. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted on 10th december 1948 by the General Assembly.
Q7. Find word in the passage which mean the some as the following:
(a) Take Care (Para-1) (b) Freedom (Para-2)

Ans. a) Take care – Ensuring
b) Freedom – Liberty

Attempt any two of the following questions in not more than 100 words. 5X2=10
Q8. You are Rahul/Richa, the cultural Secretary of M.B. Inter College, Ranchi. You are going to organize a farewell Programme for the students of Class XII, write a notice given relevant information to the Students about the Programme.

M.B. Inter College, Ranchi.

Dear students, we are organising a farewell progremme for the students of class XIl on 21st January, 2022 at 11.00 am in the College hall. The programme. will include music, dance, comedy and jokes. All the students are cordially invited to enjoy the programme.
11th January 2022

Cultural Secretary
M.B. Inter College, Ranchi

Q9. Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper to aware people on how stray animals Can be Covid-19 Carriers and hence they must avoid direct Contact.

25D, Block 5
R.S Colony
29 March , 2023

The Editor
The Hindustan Times
New Delhi
Sub:- An appeal to not ignore astray animals in the midst of covid- 19 pandemic.
Respected Sir / Ma’am
I would like to respectfully bring up the issue of an increasing number of cases of Covid-19 by stray animals through the column of your prestigious newspaper.
Spreading of covid-19 by stray animals has become a great concern. The people are unaware of this fact that if they contact these animals they could be affected. People who used to feed these animals particularly dogs and cats may lead to the worst situation.
I therefore request you to publish this matter through the pages of your prestigious Publication so that people can be aware of this.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Rahul Dev
A responsible citizen

Q10. You are Manav/Manisha, the sports secretary of yours School. Last week a yoga awareness programme was organized in your school. Write a report on the programme to be published in your school Magazine.

The Benefits of Yoga
BY: Manav Manisha( Sports Secretary)

15th March, 2023:

Last week, a yoga awareness programme was organized in our school. Famous personalities belonging to the world of “Yoga’ and physical fitness were invited. Swami Shyam Dev of Haridwar inaugurated the programme. He physically demonstrated many asanas’ and physical exercises to keep a strong and healthy body. Swami laid great stress on pranayam or the art of breathing. Deep breathing is the essence of pranayam’. The workshop was a grand success. It attracted people from all walks of life. Young people, particularly students of the city, attended the yoga awareness programme in large numbers. Exercise session was the most significant programme of the workshop. A number of yoga experts helped people to perform exercises in a proper way. In the concluding speech our principal thanked the guests and expressed his satisfaction at the successful conclusion of the programme.

Attempt any Five of the following questions:
Write answers in not more than 50 words. 3×5=15

Q11. What image does the poet use to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth?
The poet uses the image of ‘an endless fountain of immortal drink’ to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth. The earth, like a fountain, pours unto us numerous beautiful sights like the sun, the moon, flowers, rivers and greenery.
Q12. Why was Derry dream/wish to go back to Mr. Lamb?
– Lamb had inspired Derry to overcome his disability by adopting an optimistic Outlook on life.Mr. Lamb’s teachings and advice impacted Derry to tread the path showed by him, and thus he retuned to Mr. Lamb.
Q13. What was the basic tale of all the stories told by Jack to his daughter, JO?
Jack is a perfect story teller. He could create new stories. Jack has a basic tale. Roger, a small creature, is found in every story. Then there is a wise owl and a wizard with a magic wand in every story. He changes stories to maintain interest in his daughter Jo. Jack uses his ability to enact the role of the old wizard and other characters changing his voice and screwing up his eyes.

Q14. What did the peddler sell and how did we make the things?
The peddler sold small rat traps made of wire. He made them himself. He got the material by begging in the stores or at the big farms.
Q15. How was the Tiger King brought up?
The tiger king was brought up in an English fashion in his childhood. He was looked after by an English nanny, he was given to drink the milk of an English cow,he was taught English by an English man and was allowed to see only English films.

Q16. Why did the servants leave Dr. Sadgo’s house?
Japan was at war with America. Dr Sadao was nursing a wounded American prisoner of war. The servants didn’t like Dr Sadao’s generosity. He was trying to save a white American. He was giving a new lease of life. They considered Dr Sadao’s work an act of treachery. Hence, their patriotic feelings made them leave Dr Sadao’s house.
Q17. Why did Rajkumar Shukla want to meet Gandhi Ji?
Rajkumar Shukla had come to the Congress session to meet Gandhiji. He was a poor peasant sharecropper from Champaran in Bihar. He wanted Gandhiji to visit Champaran to see the miserable condition of the peasant sharecroppers at the hands of the British indigo planters. They were victims of the injustice of the landlord system in Champaran.

Answer any one of the following questions in not more than 100 words. 5×1=5
Q18. What activities did Bama witness on her way back from School?
Bama was at that time a child. She was studying in the third class. The distance between her home and school could be covered in ten minutes only. But she used to take more than half an hour to reach home. She would watch all the fun and games that were always going on in the street, shops and the bazaar. There were many attractions like the performing monkey, a snake charmer, and a man constantly pedaling his bicycle for 3 days to continue to get money. There was a temple with its huge bell. Pongal offerings were cooked in front of the temple. A hunter gypsy kept Lemur in cages. She Would stop and watch all these.

Q19. Why did Gandhi Ji Consider the Champaran episode to be a turning Point in his life?
Gandhi considered to champaran episode to be a turning point because from now the peasants have come out of the fear from the Britishers. He had cone to champaran to visit shukla for few days. But after seeing the miserable conditions, he lived their for 7 months. The British landlords used to peasants have to cultivate indigo for them. But when Germany discovered synthetic indigo, the cultivation of indigo was stopped in India, as now the price of indigo will come down. This issue was moved into the court where Mr. Gandhi was declared the winner. The pea sans got a small part of money as compensation, their fear towards British was now shattered.

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