JAC computer science model paper 2022 Live Test[SET-2]

JAC computer science model paper 2022 answer sheet( If You Want To Collect answer sheet then give a test and write the correct answer


JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Practices Through Live test

झारखंड बोर्ड(JAC Board) एंटर(inter) कक्षा 12वीं computer Science( Released By Jharkhandlab.com) सेट का यहां पर उत्तर सहित आप लाइव अपना परीक्षा दे सकते हैं यानी कि आप यहां पर लाइव टेस्ट(Live Test) दे सकते हैं कि आपने कितनी तैयारी की है आप अगर इसी तरह के प्रश्न आपसे बोर्ड परीक्षा(JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Answer Sheet Computer science Live test) पहुंच जाता तब कितना आंसर सही सही दे पाओगे और आपको यहां पर आपका परसेंटेज भी दिखा देगा कि आपने कितना परसेंटेज लाया है उम्मीद करता हूं कि यह टेस्ट आप लोग का बहुत मदद करेगा आपके परीक्षा में आपकी मदद करेगा क्योंकि आप यहां अपने बोर्ड परीक्षा के लिए तैयारी कर सकते हो।
धीरे-धीरे करके सभी मॉडल प्रश्नों का उत्तर सहित आपसे इसी तरह का लाइव टेस्ट आप दे पाओगे आप रोज का एक सेट का यहां पर आपको आंसर मिलेगा और आप यहां पर अपना लाइफ टेस्ट दे सकोगे।

आप इसके बारे में अपने दोस्तों साथियों को भी बताएगा ताकि वह भी अपनी तैयारी यहां से कर सके।

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JAC board Computer science Question Paper 2022 SET-2

JAC board Computer science Question Paper 2022 SET-2

Subject- Computer Science

Set-2(published by Jharkhand lab)

if You Think Our Answers Are wrong Then message us.

Some Symbols are not properly rendered So understand and give the correct answer.

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While loop is an…… controlled loop.

2 / 40

C++ is also known as :

3 / 40

Missing of break in switch case is called?

4 / 40

Where does the execution of the program start ?

5 / 40

An array is a collection of ….

6 / 40

A reference can be……

7 / 40

Which of the following cannot be friend?

8 / 40

Continue is used for….

9 / 40

Break is used for

10 / 40

Do-While loop is an…… controlled loop.

11 / 40

In identifiers the first character must be a-

12 / 40

Object oriented programming employs……programming

13 / 40

Choose the ode one out:

14 / 40

Multiple used of input/output operator in a single statement is called……

15 / 40

Evaluates a+= a+ (++a) if a=20 initially-

16 / 40

In C++ programming ‘/n’ is used for-

17 / 40

In C++ programming ‘/a’-

18 / 40

In C++ Programming strcmp() is used for-

19 / 40

A structure brings together a group of-

20 / 40

The symbol which is used in identifiers is………

21 / 40

In an array is declared in tar[4][5], how many types of
the element can store-

22 / 40

In C++ programming '/ t' is used for-

23 / 40

C++ programming language was developed in the early-

24 / 40

Main is a/an-

25 / 40

C++ language was developed at…

26 / 40

Which function is in math.h header file

27 / 40

Evaluates b = (++b) + (a++) if a = 10, b = 4.

28 / 40

The smallest individual unit is called-

29 / 40

What will be the output of the following condition
statement? A=20>=20?500:600

30 / 40

In C++ programming strrev() is used for-

31 / 40

In C++ programming strcpy() is used for-

32 / 40

C++ was developed by……..

33 / 40

Which of the following concept of oops allow the compiler to
insert argument in function call if it is not specified?

34 / 40

C++ is a/an ……….. language-

35 / 40

C++ programs are converted into machine language with the help of -

36 / 40

Which operator has the lowest precedence?

37 / 40

In C++ programming array index is always start from-

38 / 40

C++ is an extension to…………….programming language.

39 / 40

In C++ every statement ends with –

40 / 40

Every function in C++ is followed by –

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The average score is 57%


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