JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Answer Sheet Physics Live test[Set-1]

JAC 12th Model PAper 2022 live test


झारखंड बोर्ड(JAC Board) एंटर(inter) कक्षा 12वीं फिजिक्स(Physics)का पहला सेट का यहां पर उत्तर सहित आप लाइव अपना परीक्षा दे सकते हैं यानी कि आप यहां पर लाइव टेस्ट(Live Test) दे सकते हैं कि आपने कितनी तैयारी की है आप अगर इसी तरह के प्रश्न आपसे बोर्ड परीक्षा(JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Answer Sheet Physics Live test) पहुंच जाता तब कितना आंसर सही सही दे पाओगे और आपको यहां पर आपका परसेंटेज भी दिखा देगा कि आपने कितना परसेंटेज लाया है उम्मीद करता हूं कि यह टेस्ट आप लोग का बहुत मदद करेगा आपके परीक्षा में आपकी मदद करेगा क्योंकि आप यहां अपने बोर्ड परीक्षा के लिए तैयारी कर सकते हो।
धीरे-धीरे करके सभी मॉडल प्रश्नों का उत्तर सहित आपसे इसी तरह का लाइव टेस्ट आप दे पाओगे आप रोज का एक सेट का यहां पर आपको आंसर मिलेगा और आप यहां पर अपना लाइफ टेस्ट दे सकोगे।

आप इसके बारे में अपने दोस्तों साथियों को भी बताएगा ताकि वह भी अपनी तैयारी यहां से कर सके।


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JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Answer Sheet Physics Live test[Set-1]

Physics 12th Live Test

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17. Two parallel conductors carrying current in the same direction will

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20. A charge (q) is moving in a uniform magnetic field (B) such that velocity (v) is
perpendicular to B, then the force acting on charge is :

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35. When a magnet is moved with its N-pole towards a closed coil, the nearer end of the
coil acts as :

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24. The magnetic lines of force inside a bar magnet:


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15. An electron enters perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field. The path of the electron
will be :

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12. The SI unit of the electric flux is

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33. In the basic CsCl crystal structure Cs+ and Clions are arranged in a bcc configuration as shown in the fig. the net electrostatics force exerted by eight Cs+ ion on the Clion is

NOTE:(ε0 :-Epsilon naught)

JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Answer Sheet Physics Live test[Set-1]

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23.What is the angle of dip at a place where the horizontal
component of earth’s magnetic field is equal to the vertical

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18. The unit of capacity of a capacitor will be

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31. Why is the Wheatstone bridge more accurate than other methods of measuring

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1. If the distance of a point from a positive charge increases, the value of
the potential at the point.

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19. According to Ampere's circuital law

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13. A wire P is half the diameter and half the length of a wire Q of similar material. The
ratio of resistances of P to that Q is:

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14. Name the material which give less resistance with increase in temperature

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5. If a dielectric be introduced between plates of a parallel plate capacitor then the value of its capacitance-

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10. A charge Q is enclosed by a Gaussian spherical surface of radius R. If the radius is
doubled , then the outward electric flux will be

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34. What is the angle between electric field and equipotential surface

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22. What is the value of angle of dip at the magnetic equator?

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27. The polarity of induced emf is found by

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29. A current of 10 A is passing through a long wire which has a semicircular loop of the
radius of 20 cm as shown in the figure. The magnetic field produced at the center of the
loop is.

JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Answer Sheet Physics Live test[Set-1]

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26. A 50 mH coil carries a current of 4 A, the energy stored in it in joule in :

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8. Kirchhoff’s first and second laws for electrical circuits are consequences of:

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7. The example of a non-ohmic resistance is:

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9. The number of electrons for one coulomb of charge is

Note: This Sign (^ Show you Power Of 10 to the power something )

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4. A positively charge glass rod attract an object. The object must be

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25. Magnetic element of earths are

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30. A current of 2A flows in a system of conductors as shown in fig. The PD (VA- VB) will

JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Answer Sheet Physics Live test[Set-1]

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6. Ohm’s law is valid when the temperature of conductor is :

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32. Three equal capacitors, each with capacitance C are connected as shown in figure.
Then what is the equivalent capacitance between A and B

JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Answer Sheet Physics Live test[Set-1]

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2. Two charges spheres are separated at a distance d exert a force F on each other. If
charges are doubled and distance between them is doubled then the force is

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21. The expression for Lorentz Force is

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3. The relation between electric field E and potential V is ____

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16. If Ea be the electric field strength of a short dipole at a point on its axial line and’ Ee’
that on the equatorial line at the same distance then

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11. The specific resistance of a rod of copper as compared to that of thin wire of copper
is :

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28. A proton, a deuteron and an α- particle have equal kinetic energies. Compare the
radii of their paths when a normal magnetic field is applied.

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  1. Your answer is wrong in many question . In question no. 10 ) outward electric flux will remains unchanged as it doesn’t depend on radius , Q inside remains same

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